I have seen the ravages of war. I have felt terror from the faceless masses approaching, heard the war machines’ endless drone, suffered at the hands of a million unnamed torturers. I know fear.

My energy and my spirits have been drained by this endless battle. My limited defenses have resulted in my body bearing an untold price. A thousand needles have pierced my flesh and emptied my blood by the thimbleful.  The enemy has weakened my mind and crushed my soul.

But I am not alone in this conflict. All around me my comrades endure the same agonies as I. I watch as the women and children hide themselves from the onslaught while the men take arms against the hordes. But their brave actions are fruitless – they too will meet their end in this field: each a forgotten soldier, each a victim to incalculable horrors. They shall fall as I shall fall. Except death will not come slowly. We shall endure this pain, endure these ghastly wounds, and suffer with the knowledge that nothing will soothe our searing flesh.

War is hell.

The women and children try to protect themselves from the onslaught.

Meanwhile, my fellow comrade screams as the masses attack.

He maneuvers to evade them.

But it’s to no avail. He falls in defeat, another victim to another unjust war.

I shall receive no purple heart for my wounds.