Wolves (pt. 2)

A friendly visitor at my office yesterday.

I had intended on writing a post about the muskox that have been roaming around my sites, but after watching a pretty epic hunt go down tonight I decided to do a second post about wolves.

I was sitting in the station identifying some plants I collected today when I heard some very fast footsteps kicking up gravel. I looked out the window to see  an arctic hare sprinting like a bat out of hell as a very large and very hungry wolf ran quickly after it. Normally the wolves around here aren’t very successful at catching hares (whereas the foxes seem to have a bit more talent), so I watched the chase with passing interest. These happen a lot here. What this meant is that I didn’t have the foresight to grab my camera for what turned out to be a bloody victory for the wolf.

What they look like before: cute, fluffy, delicious.

After a few spins around the building the wolf finally landed his hare, grabbing it violently in its jaws, and quickly dismembering it before I had the chance to react. With the chase over the wolf quickly went to skinning its dinner and I saw this as my chance to run out and grab a few shots. Here is the aftermath of the arctic food chain at work.

It’s tough skinning with your teeth. No, I haven’t tried it.

Taking the meal off to… its pups?

The aftermath.


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