Roughing It, Antarctic Style (via NYTimes)

Want to know how we live in the cold? Post 4, check it out:


Antarctica, the sequel.


Hello everyone,

I’ve just returned from my second season in the Antarctic where a small team of us went down to go SCUBA diving in a permanently ice-covered lake. We didn’t have internet access during our time there, but now that I’m back I will be posting regular updates. (spoiler alert: I didn’t die this season)

But it’s with added enthusiasm that I mention that my first series of posts won’t appear here: for this season my writing has been picked up by the New York Time’s Scientist at Work blog. I’ll be writing about 6 posts for them, and will be sure to put those links here as they come out. Once that series has come to a close, check back for added material and extra videos as they come out later.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned,